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6Pcs Square Hole Drill Bits Woodworking Mortise Chisel Set Wood Hole Cutter Tool

HSS Square Hole Saw Mortise Chisel Wood Drill Bit with Twist Drill

Max-Craft has been specializing in production and supply of various of drill bits and cutting Tools for over 15 years. 6pcs square hole drill bits woodworking mortise chisel set wood hole cutter tool the tool can be great helpful to reduce labor intensity of construction workers, speed up effiency and redcuce.

New Mini Small Metal Lathe Machine Saw Combined Motorized Tool 12vdc/2a/24w

Mini lathe New upgrades

Hand wheel with 0.02mm accuracy scale line, increase the accuracy of the machine tool processing workpiece. New mini small metal lathe machine saw combined motorized tool 12vdc/2a/24w tool is high speed steel, machine soft, nonferrous metals, precious metals, and the use of intermediate block heightening, more expanded to a diameter range 50mm.